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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic
Arthur C. Clarke

about AIception

Add magical Machine Learning to your business

We help you research, develop and securely integrate state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms into your existing products and services or create brand new opportunities.

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Machine Learning

Is it possible to predict the future?

Is it possible to mimic the human brain and thought processes and then go beyond?


We design for you systems that automatically learn and improve from experience to improve your sales, churn, customer segments, forecasts, predictive maintenance, customers, credit risk, classify and predict.

Computer Vision

May I take a picture of that?

Can you find me all the trees in these multispectral satellite images?


We live in a world where we collect a vast amount of images and videos. Use our advanced algorithms to recognize objects in pictures and profit.

Big Data and Cloud

Does your Data have big Variety, big Veracity, big Velocity, or big Volume, and your current infrastructure is having a hard time keeping up?


We can provide you a scalable, cost-effective, flexible, fast, resilient to failure, scalable (scalable scalable) cloud solution for all your present and future data warehousing and data processing needs.


May we uncover the hidden patterns in your data?

Can we process and show you actionable insights?


Using intuitive but powerful dashboards that tell the story behind the data analytics helps your company better understand pain points (cost-cutting measures) or discover new untapped business opportunities (a new product line)!

Case Studies

Volkswagen Navarra

AIception PrevX for Volkswagen Navarra

PrevX is an IoT and Industry 4.0 Predictive Maintenance (PdM) solution for industrial robots, and automated factories piloted successfully at the Volkswagen Navarra factory.

Prevx uses Big Data and Online Machine Learning algorithms to process Gbps of real-time millisecond sensor data, detect anomalies, and predict the exact timeframe when a robot or equipment needs repairs.

It minimizes maintenance costs and downtime costs (1 minute of dowtime costs over 20k euro) by 30%.

AIception OCR Engine for BRD ID Cards

GDPR introduced a lot of challenges for all of us, especially for the fintech and banking sectors. What happens if you have many millions of poorly scanned Romanian ID cards, underperforming commercial OCR engines, and a very tight deadline?

You call AIception to build you a custom state-of-the-art OCR (optical character recognition) engine from scratch developed and deployed in record time: from prototype to production mode to processing millions of documents inside BRD’s Openshift Cluster.


Lessons learned:
1. KYC Remediation is challenging.
2. OCR is not a ‘solved problem.’
3. Your 95-99% OCR accuracy is 0% for dirty documents (grease, dirt, stains) and low-quality scans (color aberration, out of focus)
4. Spinning thousands of containers is fun
5. Postprocessing corrections are fun
6. Simultaneous OCR, Correction, and Segmentation is challenging
7. Many Romanians use their ID card as a drink coaster

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Digital Dryads Monitor Europe

Multispectral satellite data processing for Digital Dryads

Europe is losing its last remaining forests due to illegal deforestation or pests or fungi, and diseases with devastating effects.


Helping the European Green Deal program, Digital Dryads monitors and alerts deforestation using the European Copernicus satellites that observe our Earth continuously.


Digital Dryads combine the high-resolution multispectral satellite images with computer vision and deep learning algorithms to generate correct, accurate, complete, and updated reports for EU countries’ forests and orchards.

AIception AI-aaS for PubNub

PubNub powers event-driven applications (mobile, web, IoT) for low delay and real-time communication using easy-to-implement APIs.


Pubnub calls AIception’s AI-as-a-Service to rapidly process and understand the thousands of images and data points each day.


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