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With AIception API you can detect objects, estimate the person's age and much more

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You have a great idea that needs AI

  • automatically recognize stuff in your fridge (it's hard after a while)
  • tag objects in images
  • track the age and emotion of your customers
  • create a Picasso / van Gogh stylized image of your cat / dog

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  • get your free token
  • call our API using the token (see demos)
  • works for all programming languages

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Client-server interaction using the curl utility.

# 1. Get your API token from https://aiception.com/dashboard
# paste (ctrl+v) and store it in a variable called TK
$ TK=eyJhbG...

# This is your token so keep it private
$ echo $TK

# 2. Let's find the approximate age of Taylor Swift from this image
$ curl --user $TK: -X POST --data '{"image_url":"https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Taylor_Swift_GMA_2012.jpg"}' https://aiception.com/api/v1/ages

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  • 2000 Recognize API calls
  • 2000 Face Age API calls
  • 4000 NSFW API calls
  • 100 Style API calls
  • Forum Support


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